Whether you are a big fan of classic rock, R&B, country music or pop, music has a unique way of stimulating our emotions. But what is happening in our brains when listening to music and how does a familiar chorus or catchy tune is affecting us when doing exercises that demand concentration such as driving?

Mending of Music and Mind

Music affects several regions of the brain and that effect can change based on what kind of music is being played. To give you an example, if you are listening to happy music, then you are likely to see the neutral expression of a person as if they’re happy. When listening to sad music, it can paint similar expressions in a negative light. There are some who believe that this means we could understand the emotions of the musical piece without feeling them.

Music Triggers Creativity

There have been several studies stating that ambient noise could stimulate some parts of the brain that is in charge of creative thinking.

This is because music is triggering short-term memory receptors. What this mean is, when playing music, particularly soothing instrumental tunes leave listeners to feel creative and at times, more productive.

Because of this, there are several race car drivers who have been listening to music as part of their training when they are practicing the tracks. This helps them to improve their memory on what to do on every turn and everything in between. There are even some racing teams with real YouTube views that are using a certain type of music to appeal to more fans and support them in the race.

Driving and Music

In regards to a study focusing on teens’ driving behavior, the most common form of music they are listening to while driving is techno, dance and trance. These genres are oftentimes causing drivers, particularly young adults to drive more aggressively.

Other possible dangers that could befall drivers who are listening to such music include but not limited to mental distractions, physical distractions and important outside sounds are being muted. If ever you’d be listening to such music, make sure it is played at moderate volume.