For any race car driver and basically, anyone who is into any activities, having a nice pair of shoes is so important. For example when playing parkour games, a high-quality pair of shoes will give you a good grip of the ground allowing you to execute different tricks flawlessly. The same goes when you are driving a race car. While it is not designed mainly for aesthetics, it can boost overall performance.

Great Shoes Compliments a Winning Performance

Luxury styles similar to leather driving moccasins as well as casual sneakers with motorsports bent could accentuate your overall outfit while providing exceptional control as you start the race.

Narrowing which Racing Shoes to Use

Fitting of the shoe is important to make sure that your foot is not just supported but also, to ensure that no matter what your foot does whether applying brake, gas or clutch, it is happening as efficiently and as fast as possible.

This may be a difference of few seconds but in a race, that “few seconds” difference is a matter of winning or losing. The more comfortable you feel, the better you can focus on completing laps.

Racing Shoe Features

You’ll find that the best shoes that are for sale on the market are those that are meticulously designed to help in fit, safety and comfort and can be combined to deliver optimal safety aspects needed. Selecting the racing shoe with a slim profile can help in heel-toe shifting as well as transitioning from one pedal to the other.

High-Top or Mid-Top?

These are racing shoe designs that should be taken into account first. You’ll find some low-top race shoes too of course. However, this makes it hard to safeguard the ankle area from fire hazards or extreme heat. With this in mind, your initial decision is whether you want to use a mid-top or a high-top shoe.

The taller shoe design is carefully conceptualized to protect ankles because the top of racing shoe sits easily inside the leg cuff of the racing suit paints. Another thing to bear in mind, especially for really tall drivers is the high-top designs. This is going to offset the racing suit pant leg that might come a bit short.