It’s fairly noticeable that Formula One is not just a glamourous multimillion event that the elites can enjoy. It is an extremely competitive sport that is based on statistics and data. A championship-winning team sports the ultimate teamwork and pinnacle of innovation. If you are really serious with your business, then you better check out how F1 teams are operating and what their managers, data scientists and marketers are doing.

F1 Marketing and Promotion

Professionals have a unique way of spreading the word out. If you can see, there are not many ads for F1 and still, it gets a lot of attention. Replicating this to your business will definitely help it to drive more customers sooner or later.

Prioritize Fans

No matter what business you have, its lifeblood will always be the customers. The owners of Formula One know this. This is the exact reason why they are doing a ton of engagement with their audience. They do this online by posting and updating their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And even with a strong following, they still buy Instagram likes to further boost its ranking and exposure.

Another example of their engagement is by sharing real-time data among broadcasters. Through this, viewers can see the pit stop times, the heat maps showing where the car is reaching the highest temperatures like the engine and tires and DRS charges. Furthermore, fans have a chance of listening to the live radio feeds between the driver and the engineer, which makes them feel like they’re in the actual race too.

It’s all about the Teamwork

F1 is the pinnacle of team sport. Drivers might achieve superstar status with millions of likes in their Facebook page or followers. However, every people in the team plays a critical role to the overall performance.

Having smooth and clear communication between the trackside team as well as the analysts stationed at HQ is vital. This is extending business partners such engine manufacturers. The manifestation of the teamwork is typically seen at how pit stop is done by every team is almost under 4 seconds!