Bored of playing the typical memory and trivia apps on your phone to improve your cognitive abilities? Why not try playing some car racing games. Believe it or not, there are countless benefits that it offer. Plus, if you are lucky enough, you can find gift codes on the game that you are playing and get exclusive deals just as with other games such as AFK giftcodes and the likes.

Alleviate Stress

The beauty of car racing games are, they’re not based on violence. These games are even capable of calming stress in many different ways. Going with easy courses that you have raced before or even testing laps on solo mode is effective in bringing down stress levels. Aside from that, it creates this rewarding experience by having a good performance on your run.

Gather and Process Information

Regardless if a crew chief fires away over the radio or even a co-driver helps you navigate the course, the driver should be good enough in processing multiple layers of information. All this while ensuring that their attention is focused on the track. At any given time in a car racing game, the driver might just be evaluating the wear and damage on the car, checking out upcoming turns, calculating overtakes and so on.

Focus and Concentration

Processing all information from various sources and processing it to be able to formulate mid-race strategies is something that requires a different level of multitasking skill.

With a lot of variable to be considered, every single race is requiring undivided attention and complete focus. Being able to keep up with that level of attention all throughout the race helps in boosting concentration which can be brought to other related tasks you have in real-life.

Decision Making

If you are looking for a way on how you can exercise the decision-making skills of your brain, then test it out by playing a multiplayer session. By forcing yourself to perform quick calls under space and time constraints as well as deciding what to do when faced with tight races, it can help you come up with quicker and more reasonable on-the-spot decisions.