While motorsports such as Formula One racing and NASCAR, a lot of irresponsible fans are trying to replicate the adrenaline and excitement of such races by engaging in street racing. As we all know, street racing is prohibited by law and thus, police are doing the best that they can to set up traps and catch these people. In the event that you can’t behave yourself, engaged in one and got caught, it is recommended that you seek legale mischung legal highs to protect yourself in court trials.

What exactly is Street Racing?

Street racing is illegal and can occur when two or several cars have engaged in a race, not on a race track but on public roads. Street racing is otherwise called drag racing, speed races or speed contests. These races can be especially dangerous because of the high speed it involves. And since it takes place on public roads, it may endanger pedestrians who is near the area.

Apart from that, because there are not enough safety protocols applied, it significantly increases the risk of car crashes that may, unfortunately, lead to injury, damage to property or worse, fatality.

In most of the illegal street racing, it involves modified cars with illegal aftermarket installed to increase acceleration and speed. Thus, most of the reported street race crashes involve drivers losing control of their car.

Racing on a Highway

Since the freeway or highway has very light traffic, many of the drag races between drivers take place in such locations. Common violations here are speeding or reckless driving. Reported highway racing says that cars are reaching speeds of over 150 miles per hour, which is quite fast, considering that at times, the mandated speed is only at 60 to 80 miles per hour.

While it is true that your fast car is a head-turner, the law is discouraging drivers to engage in such races as it puts everyone at risk.

Penalties for Illegal Racing

When caught, drivers might be facing a fine of up to 1,000 dollars or 6 months of imprisonment. Again, this may vary depending on the degree of violation.