Formula One is incomparable. It combines multiple elements into one and presents a sport that is both remarkable and unique among its fans. F1 is predominantly considered as an individual sport and also, about the team. Not only that, it has a fair share of competition and drama among competitors and teammates. Then again, there is the thrill of watching the actual race, which is indeed a spectacle for its audience. But what actually makes F1 so good and loved by people?

The Money

As the saying goes, money runs the world. On the subject of money, F1 racing is one that needs a lot of it. From cars to driver’s salary, money serves as the backbone of the tournament. This as a result makes F1 the best motorsport event among those who want to make some cash out of it.

With F1, there’s actually a ton of money to be made and it isn’t limited to participants. Punters may pick on who they think will win the season, bet on individual competition and so forth. By taking advantage of the odds in advance, it can go a long way to secure extra cash with your wins. You can also get the same odd with Last Day on Earth Astuce – Triche Pièces Gratuites – Jeux Astuce et Triche or other slot variations of course. But at the end of day, it is your personal preference that will prevail.

The Thrill

It’s in our nature to be impressed with the mighty and brave and when talking about F1 race, the dangers and challenges that drives have to go through make it feel so thrilling and real.

Despite the fact that driver’s safety is always a top priority in F1, the FIA continues to push its limit and boundaries by introducing safer policies, gears and equipment for drivers.

The Fame

Where there are money and speed, there will always be the fame that goes with it. F1 events are hotbed for everything you can think off. Whether it’s the pit-girls that add aesthetics to the race, celebrity appearances in the stands and whatnot, rest assure that there’ll be something that will ignite your excitement.