With prolonged races on the track, a number of people are wondering how F1 drivers are peeing when they are in the race. Formula One is one of the most modern and advanced single-seater car racing event. These races do involve automobiles that are worth millions of dollars.

So this may make some people think, they must have some sort of system to be integrated for the drivers to pee while in their racing suits. A straightforward answer to this is NO. F1 drivers are actually peeing in their race suits if needed be.

Reaching 6G Speeds

It is never an option to stop the car and use the restroom to pee. After all, their primary job is to become the fastest man on the track. So what they do instead is to pee inside their race suits. There is no fancy system involved. It is just that they are wetting themselves throughout the race.

Here’s something that you should know about F1 cars, the inside of its cockpit is pretty hot. Believe it or not, the temperatures can go as high as 50 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, drivers have multiple layers of fireproof clothing to protect them in case of fire. With all things said, there’s a lot of perspiration a driver has to endure.

In an effort to prevent dehydration, many F1 drivers are doing comparison of water softeners to ensure that the water they’re drinking is going to hydrate their body and prepare it from extreme challenges as they get on track.

Losing Weight while on the Race

It is a known fact that drivers are losing roughly 5 to 7 pounds of fluid when they’re on a race. It is quite intense and the loss of fluid plus the physical strain and heat can easily put the driver’s body under extreme discomfort.

To be sure that such thing will not happen, there are several steps put into place. Even before the race begins, F1 drivers are continuously drinking hypotonic fluid which you may have seen on TV shows at times. They always have one handy. While in the race, F1 car is designed to have a built-in drinking system that is pumping this fluid directly into the driver’s mouth by pushing a button from its steering wheel.