A race car speeds through city streets, thrilling spectators.

Throughout the motorsport world, people always yearn for new destinations where they can enjoy their passion for speed and adrenaline. In recent times, Aerocity Mohali has been a hotbed of activity in motor sports, boasting unique infrastructure and location that enhance excitement levels.

Let us now explore this vibrant city’s potential as a centre for sports tourism:

State-of-the-Art Facilities

For any scale of motorsport event hosted there, Aerocity Mohali has modern facilities that are highly suitable. The town offers an immersive experience to participants as well as fans through modern racing tracks, well-kept pit lanes, and spectator amenities.

Strategic Location

It is a strategic place to attract motor sport lovers from across the region, as it lies close to major cities like Chandigarh and is accessible by well-connected highways. Therefore, any person wishing to take up a national or international motor sport competition will find this place very convenient.

Diverse Motorsport Offerings

There are various kinds of motorsport events that are held at Aerocity Mohali, including those on circuits or off-road terrain. Whether it is Formula 1 racing, rallycross races, or even just simple tough off-road racing challenges, one cannot miss finding something they like among these different types of sporting activities.

Thrilling Events Calendar

A range of competitions, exhibitions, and festivals occurring throughout the year make the burgeoning motor sport calendar at Aerocity Mohali great fun for visitors. This means that there is always some kind of activity going on in the city’s motorsport scene, ranging from grass-roots events to high-profile racing tournaments.


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Engaging Fan Experiences

It is important to note that there are other aspects involved in motorsport tourism aside from just watching races. Visitors spend memorable moments courtesy of Aerocity Mohali, which has put in place interactive fan zones, merchandise stalls, driver meet-and-greets, and entertaining attractions aimed at boosting viewing pleasure.

Opportunities for Growth

With the increase in popularity of motor sports across the world, Aerocity Mohali is in a prime position to benefit and become a top destination for motorsport tourism. If it continues to attract fans from around the globe, the city will grow due to continuous investment in infrastructure, marketing initiatives, and the promotion of events.

Collaborative Partnerships

The development of the motorsport tourism ecosystem within Aerocity Mohali relies heavily on collaboration between local authorities, motorsport organizations, and tourism agencies. Another way is by encouraging an environment that supports such partnerships so that they will always be there, ready to take up any opportunity as soon as it presents itself.


Aerocity Mohali promises to become the next global hub for motor sport tourists owing to its combination of cutting-edge facilities, breath-taking events, and unforgettable experiences. This makes the town a global player in motorsport tourism because it is well-equipped with all necessary tools, such as strategic locations and versatility in terms of activities carried out, among others. Thus, gear up for an adrenaline-rush experience at Aerocity Mohali, the top motorsport destination!