You know that a motorsport driver cannot use any ordinary clothing regardless of whether you purchased it from branded stores like Gucci, Hermes, or Techwear. The goal for any motorsport driver is to wear protective clothing due to the high risk that the sport offer.

In order to protect the driver as optimally as possible in accordance with the respective mandatory guidelines, professionals in the motorsport industry recommend a motorsport driver to use a complete range of racing clothing across all layers of clothing. Starting with fire-resistant overall made of super-light materials, to flame-retardant functional underwear with X-Cool equipment, shoes with particularly grippy soles and gloves with a special grip, as well as the appropriate accessories.

Motorsports: Required Clothing Prescribed By The FIA

RACING OVERALLS. Racing overalls are part of the basic clothing requirement in motorsport. It not only offers space for the names of sponsors but also protects the driver in the event of an accident.

DRIVER’S SHOES. As one of the important interfaces between man and machine, driver’s shoes are a very important part of motorsport clothing. The fireproof material of a driver’s shoe must be as light as possible and barely noticeable in order to offer the driver the best possible comfort.

UNDERWEAR. As the bottom layer of clothing, FIA-homologated underwear made from Nomex protects the driver in addition to the overall. Due to the direct skin contact, flame-retardant underwear should offer the highest possible wearing comfort without being annoying, so that the full concentration of the racing driver can be focused on driving.

HELMETS AND ACCESSORIES. Our helmet range includes products from Sparco, OMP, Bell, Stilo, Simpson, and Arai, which use modern high-tech processes to process top materials such as carbon, kevlar or fiberglass to create particularly stable, aerodynamic, and innovatively light helmet shells for use in formulas -, touring car, rally or kart racing.

Regardless of whether you are a motorsport professional or a hobby driver – every racing driver will have to meet this clothing standard. On the basis of certifications prescribed by FIA and DMSB, for example, you will find the applicable homologation or FIA standard in the relevant product description when purchasing these clothing requirements online.